Allie Rae

I'm A Wife, Mother, Naval Veteran & Now The CEO of WetSpace

While working as an ICU nurse, I quickly conquered a brand new industry turning myself into a millionaire in less than a year on OnlyFans. I realized the adult industry needed advocacy and so I set out to create the most sophisticated platform out there and I am now the CEO of WetSpace."

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My Journey

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While working by day as a NICU nurse in Boston Massachusetts, I was also growing my OnlyFans account which was exploding a the time. It didn't take long for management to find out and give me an ultimatum, delete or leave. I chose to leave my job as a nurse and pursue my career in adult entertainment full time. Best call ever!

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Adult Entertainer

I became one of the top creators on the OnlyFans platform, bringing in close to $369,000 per month. I have appeared on reality shows such as Amara La Negra's "Don't Cancel Me" on Fuse TV, and The Dr. Phil Show later this year. Exciting stuff!

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Now is time to look for the next challenge.
I'm creating my own company, intending to develop a unique adult platform powered by crypto for creators to expand their careers and possibilities, using features they never imagined before. I’m committed to creating the most advanced adult crypto platform out there that will provide a long term solution for creators in this industry.

I’m the CEO of WetSpace

A company with three clear objectives:
  • Create the number one adult platform with the most advanced user experience for creators to expand their careers and creativity towards places nobody imagined yet. Being at the forefront of innovation is what we will deliver from the beginning.

  • Create the most competitive payment conditions for creators using cryptocurrencies. This has one specific objective: Low fees, instant payments, easy access, and total control for adult creators over their funds and payments. Crypto is the way to go in the adult industry!

  • Building a community that supports, protects, and enhances creators is a major element in our plan. Successful companies are a story of people; that's why we are creating the tools that help creators connect, improve, look for answers, and find solutions between those with experience and those starting.

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